Course Evaluation Instructions:

Students may access the system through the link in their emails, from the Course-Instructor Evaluation channel on their Academic Services tab in MyCharleston at, or directly from if necessary.  

Evaluations will run through Thursday, April 25, Reading Day. After final grades have been received by the Registrar’s Office, each of your instructors will receive a summary of student responses for his or her courses. Students who complete all of their reviews will be entered into a drawing for either priority registration or an extra graduation ticket.

Instructions for using the mobile version:

Click on the link you received in your invitation above. You will be taken to the Login screen. Enter your Username and Password.

Upon entering the correct Username and Password, and selecting the Sign In button, you will be taken to the task page. You will see the course that you have been asked to evaluate. Click on “Evaluate”.
Note that you can select the Mobile Version or the Standard Version to display on your mobile device. The selection can be made at the bottom of your mobile device screen.

The Mobile Version has been optimized for your mobile screen. The width of the text matches the width of the mobile screen. Scroll up or down to read the text and answer the questions. Click on the buttons at the top of the screen to move to the previous or next page.

The Standard Version displays the questionnaire as it would appear on a horizontal computer monitor. You may need to pinch, stretch or rotate the screen to see the questions on your mobile device.

If you have any difficulty completing the evaluation on your mobile device, please use a computer to access the web in the normal fashion.