Table of differences between male & female adult gender personality and sex roles

Male personality Female personality

Communal: Embedded in social interaction and personal relationship

Individualistic; Formation of separations, denial of relation

Relational personality: Participation in larger organism of which individual is a part; lack of separations

Men defined by achievements Women in most societies defined relationally (someone's wife, mother, daughter, daughter in law)
Clear self-other distinction More flexible ego boundaries

Self-protection, self-assertion, self-expansion

Being at one with other organisms
Isolation, alienation, aloneness Contact, openness, union

Urge to master

Urge to cooperate, nurture

Repression of thought, feeling, impulse

Lack of repression; openess to thought, feeling, impulse
Represent experiences in individualistic, objective, and distant ways

Represent experiences in relatively interpersonal, subjective, immediate ways