Notes on exam scores


College's grading scale

A           4.0 

A-          3.7

B+         3.3

B           3.0

B-          2.7

C+         2.3

C           2.0

C-          1.7

D+         1.3

D           1.0

D-          0.7

F            0.0


            Numbers correlate to grades on College’s grading scale (see left)

            Overall exam score is on the upper right hand corner of 1st page near your name

            Score on each page (multiple choice, short answer, and essay) should be added and divided by three to get overall exam score

            On first page, score for multiple choice calculated thus: -0=4, -1=3.5, -2=3, -3=2.5, -4=2, -5=1.5, -6=0.75, -7=0

            On second page: Score at top is the average of scores on 4 questions on that page

            For multiple choice, circled answer is correct.

            See sample answers on this handout for good answers to short answer and essay questions.


            Exam is worth 22% of overall course grade

            Exam average was 2.5, with high grade being a 3.97.

Midterm grade based on exam, quizzes, and attendance.