EVSS 695:003, Special Topics: Environmental Philosophy

2-3:15, MW in RSS 104


            Ned Hettinger                                                             Office: 16 Glebe, Rm. 201

            Spring 2011                                                                Off. Hrs: T, TH 11-1

            Office Phone: 953-5786                                            (Also, stop by my office or

            Email: hettingern@cofc.edu                                      make an appointment)

           Class webpage: https://hettingern.people.cofc.edu/Environmental_Studies_695_Environmental_Philosophy/Index.html

Course Description

         This course is a survey of recent work in environmental philosophy, with a focus on environmental ethics and environmental aesthetics. For specific topics, see the class schedule.


         Dale Jamieson, Ethics and The Environment: An Introduction (Cambridge, 2008)

         Glenn Parsons, Aesthetics & Nature (Continuum, 2008)

         Articles posted on the class webpage



         Reading quizzes (10%)

         Class participation, including two class presentations (10-20 minute) on a reading assignment (you will sign up for these) (20%)

         One 5-8 page paper (15%), due by mid term, responding to one of the class readings or topics (can be on a topic on which you have presented)

         One 9-12 page paper (35%), due by end of semester. Includes:

                    Paper proposal and literature review for the instructor

                    Copy of draft paper to the instructor

                    Final version of paper

         Final Exam, Monday, May 2nd, 12-3 (20%)