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Can anyone tell me who are the scholars with the most systematic knowledge of climate change denialwho is doing it, who is funding it, why has it been effective, etc.?

I have a colleague in sociology here at MSU named Aaron McCright who published several excellent peer-reviewed papers on this, though I do not know whether he would qualify as having the "most" systematic knowledge. See The journalist Chris Mooney also does good investigative (though not peer-reviewed) work, much of which is published on the Science Progress website at Paul B. Thompson

The person I would recommend is Naomi Oreskes. She is a philosophy and
historian of science at UCSD and has a recent book "Merchants of Doubt" on this topic. Jay Oden...yes, this is the best single thing on the topic. myanna lahsen also has a very sophisticated set of papers on some specific controversies. best, dale


--(1) Organized Climate Change Denialby Riley E. Dunlap and Aaron M. McCright and (2) Climate Denial: Emotion, Psychology, Culture, and Political Economyby Kari Marie Norgaard, both in Dryzek, John S., Norgaard, Richard B., and Schlosberg, David. The Oxford Handbook of Climate Change and Society. Oxford Univ Pr, 2011.

1. --Held, David, Angus Fane-Hervey, and Marika Theros. The Governance of Climate Change: Science, Economics, Politics and Ethics. Cambridge: Polity, 2011.

--You might also be interested in United States Senator (R) James Inhofes A Skeptics Guide to Debunking Global Warming Alarmismavailable at

Hulme, M. (2009) Why we disagree about climate change: understanding controversy, inaction and opportunity. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge

Oreskes is definitely a good place to look, as is Hulme. My colleague Max Boykoff has also recently written a recent book called Who Speaks for the Climate?which has a fair bit of research on the media and climate change. Apart from that, theres also work by Susan Moser, Andrew Revkin, Saffron ONeill, and Matt Nisbet that addresses these issues.


There's also a new book hot off the press by Sociologist Kari Norgaard from the University of Oregon called "Living in Denial: Climate Change, Emotions, and Everyday Life."


I also forgot to mention one of my favorite resources:

Likewise, if you are interested in the sociological and natural
scientific responses to climate denial, check out:

"Inquisition of Climate Science"

"Climate Change Denial"



George Monbiot's website can be useful, see for example this recent posting:
or try the category: climate change

I have enjoyed this volume: Agnatology. the making and unmaking of ignorance. ed. by Robert N. Proctor & Londa Schiebinger (Stanford UP, 2008). It includes an essay by Oreskes and Conway on climate change but it provides a wider perspective to various kinds of denialism.


Most of the "climate change deniers" are paid by industry and sought by them to place their "position" forcefully in various relevant journals. It is hard to qualify them as "scholars" of any stripe! I suggest you glance at the Kivalina case (US/Alaska) available even in Wikipedia) where a number of companies were sued (Exxon, first and foremost) for these practices of denial and misinformation).The whole case is worth reading if you have the time.. However neither the charge of "public nuisance" (!! for a community sinking into the ocean) and "civil conspiracy" (for the large sums of money paid for this campaign by Exxon,Shell, et al.) were accepted by the court. The powerful substantive claims were dismissed on very flimsy, but apparently legal grounds. By the way, Palin did not intervene....Laura Westra.