Schedule for Environmental Ethics, Hettinger, Fall 2007


1.         Aug 21: Class introduction, distribution of syllabus and schedule of assignments

How Serious Are Environmental Problems?

2.         Aug 23: Meadows et al., “From Beyond the Limits” Text 80-91

                           “Is There an Environmental Crisis” Text 59-60

                          “Global Warming and Greenhouse Gases” Text 285

                          “Ozone Depletion and Greenhouse Gases” Text 519

                          “Overpopulation or Overconsumption?” Text 435-36

3.         Aug 28: Julian Simon, “Natural Resources are Infinite” Text 60-65

                                       (For Julian Simon’s home page and obituary:

             Ron Arnold, "Philosophical Father of Wise Use Movement" E-reserves 1-2

                                       (For Arnold’s Center for Defense of Free Enterprise, see )

                          “Wise Use” Text 362-363

Anthropocentric Environmental Ethics

4.         Aug 30: William Baxter, “The Case for Optimal Pollution” Text 274-278

5.         Sept 4: Peter Wenz, “Just Garbage,” Text 449-456

Environmental Ethics and Animals (Sentiocentrism)

6.                     Sept 6:Video: “The Witness” (43 minutes)

7.         Sept 11: Peter Singer, “All Animals are Equal” Text 187-195

                          (Singer’s page:

8.         Sept 13: Oral Presentations (1) on Human Uses of Animals

a.          “Factory Farms” Text 215 and Joby Warrick, “'They Die Piece by Piece'; In Overtaxed Plants, Humane Treatment of Cattle Is Often a Battle Lost,” Washington Post (4/10/01, p. A1) E-reserves 3-6

b.         S. Waxman, "Livid Over Liver," Washington Post (12/26/94: A32) E-reserves 7

c.          David Barboza, “Animal Welfare’s Unexpected Allies” New York Times (6/25/03: C1) available on the web at : E-reserves 8-10

d.         Sierra, "Can You Eat Meat and Consider Yourself an Environmentalist?" Sierra Magazine (Nov/Dec 1991: 122) E-reserves 11

e.          Animal Experimentation: “Animal Research -- LD50" Text 215 and “Head-Injury Research Using Monkeys” E-reserves 12

f.          Hunting: Douglas Chadwick, “The American Hunting Myth” Orion Nature Quarterly 5,4 (Autumn 1986: 54-57) E-reserves 13-14

g.         Circuses and Zoos: Stephen Bostock’s review “Animals in Circuses and Zoos: Chiron’s world?” E-reserves 15-16

For graphic pictures see:   


For Temple Grandin’s web site (how to improve animal slaughter):

9.         Sept 18: Tom Regan, “The Case for Animal Rights,” Text 196-202 (for Regan’s animal rights archive, see

10. Sept 20: Michael Pollan, “An Animal’s Place” New York Times 01/04/03, E-reserves 17-32 (On Web at                     

11.       Sept 25: Carl Cohen, “The Case for the Use of Animals in Biomedical Research” Text 301-307

12.       Sept 27: Dale Jamieson, “Zoos Revisited” (from Morality’s Progress, Oxford 2002: 176-89), E-reserves 48-54 (

a.          Possible Video: Animals in Captivity: (1997 documentary; 60 min.)

13.       Oct 2: Brian Luke, “A Critical Analysis of Hunter’s Ethics” Text 307-317

a.          Possible Video: “Hunting in America”

14.       Oct 4: Mark Sagoff, Animal Liberation and Environmental Ethics: Bad Marriage, Quick Divorce, Text p. 317-22 (Sagoff’s page:

15.       Oct 9: Midterm Exam

Biocentric Individualism

16.       Oct 11: Paul Taylor, “The Ethics of Respect for Nature” from Paul Taylor, "The Ethics of Respect for Nature" Environmental Ethics, Fall 1981, E-reserves 55-67

FALL BREAK (Oct 15/16)

17.       Oct 18: Paul Taylor, “Priority Principles,” from Paul Taylor, Respect for Nature (Princeton Univ. Press, 1986), pp. 263-287, E-reserves 68-79

**Paper Proposal Due, Friday, Oct 19, 3pm, 14 Glebe Mailbox

Ecocentric Holism

18.       Oct 23: Oral Presentations (2) on Ecocentric Holism vs. Individualism

a.          Roger Caras, “There are Two Ways of Looking at it” (Orion Nature Quarterly, Autumn 1986) E-reserves 80-81

b.         Restoring Lynx to Colorado, E-reserves 82 (if interested, see also

c.          “Breeding Endangered Species” Text 323 and “California Condor Restoration” E-reserves 83

d.         “Species and Individuals” Text 216 and “Restoring Yellowstone Wolves” E-reserves 84

e.          E. Converse, “Shooting wolves, restoring nature, and respect for individual animal life” E-reserves 85

f.          “Harming Plentiful Species to Protect Endangered Species” E-reserves 86

g.         “Goats versus Ecosystems” (from Frederik Kaufman, Foundations of Env. Philosophy, McGraw Hill 2003, p. 313), E-reserves 87

19.       Oct 25: Aldo Leopold, “The Land Ethic” Text 218-227

                          (On Leopold:

The Natural and Human Management

20.       Oct 30: Oral Presentations (3) on the Meaning and Value of the Natural

a.          Space billboards, spray painting roadside rocks, and engraving names onto sea turtles E-reserves 88-90

b.         Bill McKibben’s “The End of Nature?”(from Holmes Rolston, Conserving Natural Value Columbia, 1994: 197), “More on McKibben,” and “Climbers clear trash from Everest” E-reserves 91-92

c.          “Scientists study natural regulation of Yellowstone Park” E-reserves 93

d.         “Saving a drowning buffalo or letting nature take its course?” (From Christopher Stone, Earth and Other Ethics Harper & Rowe, 1987: 155-56), E-reserves 94

e.          Managing for naturalness in Yellowstone: “Yellowstone National Park considering removing ‘exotic’ mountain goats” and “Yellowstone wolves being trained to avoid cattle” E-reserves 95

f.          Sierra, "To What Extent Should Humans Manage Nature If At All?” E-reserves 96

g.         “Managing The Planet” (from Holmes Rolston, Conserving Natural Value, Columbia, 1994: 223-228) E-reserves 97-100

21.       Nov 1: Robert Elliot, “Faking Nature,” Text 156-163


22.       Nov 6: Oral Presentation (4) on Wilderness

a.          “Yellowstone park to ban electronic wildlife-tracking gear” and “Should travelers in the wild be rescued? Even at public expense?” E-reserves 109

b.         “Dams in Wild Areas: Hetch Hetchy and Glen Canyon” Text 392-393 and “Should Lake Powell be drained?” E-reserves 110

c.          “Political ramifications of the definition of wilderness” E-reserves 111 “Boundary Waters Canoe Area” Text 393

d.         Tom Kenworthy, “Blazing Utah Trails to Block a Washington Monument” (Washington Post 11/30/96: A1) E-reserves 112-113

e.          “Cars in Yosemite” Text 393 and “Yosemite plans to take out human structures” E-reserves 114

f.          What Should Be Allowed in National Parks? “Noise in National Parks” and “Gatekeepers in Yellowstone wear gas masks” E-reserves 155

g.         Gabriel Escobar, “Rain Forest Gift Raises Suspicions” (from Washington Post 11/29/96: A1) and “No Secret to Saving the Rain Forests” E-reserves 116-119

23.       Nov 8: Video: Oil and Ice

a.          Sandra Hinchman, “Endangered Species, Endangered Culture: Native Resistance to Industrializing the Arctic” USDA Forest Service Proceedings RMRS-P-27. 2003 E-reserves 101-108 (available on the web at:

24.        Nov 13: William Cronon, “The Trouble with Wilderness; or, Getting Back to the Wrong Nature” Text 371-382 (Cronon’s page:

Property and Environment

25.       Nov 15: Oral Presentations (5) on Owning Nature, Property Rights, and Takings

a.          “Who Owns the Moon?” Text 362

b.         Gary Spencer, “Public’s Right of Way on Rivers Expanded” (Washington Post 11/30/96: A1) and “Who Owns the Waterways?” E-reserves 120-122

c.          “Whales for Sale” Text 135-136

d.         Colette Baxley, "Law is costing landowners" and “Woodpecker clouds state forest’s future,,” Both Post and Courier (10/24/93): B1 and “Biologists to move endangered birds” Post and Courier (8/24/96): E-reserves 123-125

e.           “Lucas v. South Carolina Coastal Council” Text 363 and “The Lucas Case: Supreme Court Decisions” (from Congaree Chronicle July/August 1992), E-reserves 126

f.          “‘Takings’ and Property Rights” Text 136 “Property Rights and ‘Takings’ Legislation” E-reserves 127

**Paper due, Friday, Nov 16, 3pm, 14 Glebe Mailbox

26.       Nov 20: E. Converse, “Who Owns Nature? Property Rights, Biodiversity, and the Land Ethic” E-reserves 128-39

Thanksgiving break

Radical Environmental Action

27.       Nov 27: Oral Presentations (6) on Radical Environmentalism and Anti-Environmentalism

a.          Peter Singer “Ends and Means” (from Practical Ethics, 2nd ed., Cambridge 1993: 289-292) E-reserves 140-143

b.         South Carolina environmental civil disobedience: "South Carolina Man Joins Trees in Logging Protest” (Post and Courier 9/2/90) and “Shellfish Inquiry Scheduled” (Post and Courier 6/2/90), E-reserves 144-45

c.          “Ecosaboteur known as ‘The Fox’ dies” E-reserves 198 and “Arson at Vail Ski Resort aimed at protecting lynx habitat” E-reserves 146-47

d.         Paul Watson, “Raid on Reykjavik” and “Tora, Tora, Tora” (from Peter List, Radical Environmentalism, Wadsworth 1993, p. 172-77,4) E-reserves 148-150

e.          Ed Marston, "Ecotage isn't a solution, it's part of the problem," High Country News (19 June 1989, p. 15) E-reserves 151

f.          "Would You Ever Break The Law in Support of an Environmental Goal?" Sierra Magazine, E-reserves 152

Environmental Aesthetics

28.       Nov 29: Holmes Rolston, “Does Aesthetic Appreciation of Landscapes Need to be Science-Based?” Text 164-171. (Rolston’s page:

Final Exam