Peter Wenz, "Just Garbage"
January 27, 2005

  • Cost-Benefit Analysis (social wealth maximized by putting LULUs near poor whose land values are less) treats people unfairly
    • Maximizes society's wealth, as determined by what people are willing to pay
    • Will put LULUs near poor people, as it lowers land values (what people willing to pay) and since land already cheap where poor live, placing hazards there will not lose as much value as if placed in expensive land where wealthy people live
    • Overall smaller loss of social wealth by putting env. hazards in poor communities
    • Just the opposite of Wenz's Principle of Commensurate Burdens and Benefits
    • Violates equal consideration of interests, like the FM approach
  • Vital interest at stake, so equal consideration of interests requires that people be considered irrespective of income