1.       Tree example: see deep clefts in thick ridges of back of tree

          a.       Images of mountains and valleys come to min

          b.       Think of age of the tree given thickness of the ridges

                    i.        Is she aware of thought’s role then?

          c.       Images of seasoned old man comes to mind deep wrinkles from age

          d.       Response is aes judgment of tree as stalwart

          e.       Respect it as wise old sage

          f.       Interpretation of locust tree tied to its nonaes qualities–texture of bark–and associations spawned by perceptual qual

2.       Projecting geometric patterns onto stars

3.       Projecting ourselves into natural object:

          a.       Alpine flower example: in app alpine flower might imagine what it is like to live under such harsh conditions and this allows her to app the remarkable strength hidden so beautifully in the delicate flower

          b.       Sea pebble: in contemplating smoothness of a sea peddle, I visualize the relentless surging of ocean as it shaped pebble

                    i.        This involves thought and at least common sense sci knowledge

                    ii.       Imagine how looked before smooth

4.       White mussel shell on gravel bar in Maine is thrilling think of the gull that brought it here, the rain, sun that bleached it there

          a.       Again sci kn

5.       Imagining the cold icy feeling of glaciers that carved out the valley’s form

          a.       This involves sci kn; only dif is that she wants to tie it to feeling.

6.       Innocence of lamb example (how imagination can reveal aes truths)

          a.       Quick glance at lamb reveals little except its sweetness

          b.       Fuller perception and imagination lead to truth about innocence

          c.       Fresh whiteness of lam and its small fragile stature evokes images of purity and naivete

          d.       Dwelling on such natural things brings insight

7.       Imaging lamb dressed up in baby clothes might underline aes truth of innocence, but it is sentimental and shallow and fails to direct appreciation appropriately

8.       Would Brady’s criteria rule out imagining that Minnesota’s 10,000 lakes were formed by the hoofs of Paul Bunyon’s Blue Ox Babe?

9.       At the extreme, imagination loses contact with beliefs

          a.       Obsessive fans believe that a rock star is singing about them

10.     Beach Head cliff example

          a.       Awe struck by dramatic sheer drop to sea of English high cliff

          b.       Feeling heightened by knowledge that this is a favorite suicide spot

                    i.        Notice this is knowledge, but cultural knowledge related to natural object rather than scientific knowledge

          c.       Imagining feeling of jumping off cliff and fear of someone standing there accentuates the sublimity of the place and is a virtuous imagining

          d.       Irrelevant to aes appreciation of cliff if one imagined

                    i.        The gruesome fallen body at bottom and the specific wounds cliff face might have inflicted

                    ii.       Here imaginings become distanced from qualities of the cliff

                    iii.      So too if one imagined financial difficulties that might serve as motive to jump

11.     Seeing river as a bookmark example (Fudge)

          a.       No relationship here between perceptual qualities that lets one image illuminate the other

          b.       Rivers are never straight like sides of bookmark and usually rippled from wind and current

          c.       Well, they both are linear, long, and skinny

12.     Mountain as a giants head or a sublime solid granite rock

          a.       Rejects Hepburn’s serious/trivial way of assessing imaginings because playful (non-serious) ones can be just as good as serious ones

13.     Example: Fantasizing about number of sea shells I might collect if waves not so big

                    i.        Violates disinterestedness as instrumental and self-interested

                    ii.       Distracts attention from aes object

14.     Example: Butterfly movement from one flower to the next makes me think of my old girlfriend who goes from one man to the next

                    i.        This is self-indulgent and you become preoccupied with own personal associations and problems and takes focus away from aesthetic object

15.     Shiprock sticks up like a blue thumb not shareable

          a.       Perhaps under certain lighting conditions this might make sense

          b.       But so specific of little interest or importance

          c.       Highly individualistic

          d.       Not easily shareable or assessable to others

16.     Table Mesa as the ultimate aircraft carrier is shareable

          a.       Metaphor works well by pointing to its flatness and massive bulk and gets us to focus on its aesthetic qualities

17.     Robert Fudge’s upside down ice cream cone example

          a.       Claims Brady’s view would have to countenance imagining the mountain as an upside down ice cream cone, or projecting such a cone onto the mountain

          b.       The mountain is snow covered two thirds of the way up with a brown/grey rocky pointed top

          c.       Ice cream is cold as is the snow on the mountain

          d.       Brady’s response:

                    i.        Connection is too tenuous to be relevant

                    ii.       Not sufficient resemblance to invoke this imagining

                    iii.      Doubt this image is shareable

                    iv.      It is irrelevant, trivial, not shareable and just the result of a whim.

          e.       Is it clear Fudge’s example is any different in these respects from Brady’s tree is like an old man?

                    i.        Fudge’s example is belittling, and Brady’s is not; but why can’t aes imaginings belittle?