Questions about Davis et at., “Don’t Judge Species by Their Origin”

1.      What is the difference between native species and non-native (exotic) species?

2.      Why are non-natives often called “introduced” species?

3.      Can non-native species get to new habitats on their own?

4.      Is the native/non-native distinction the same as the non-invasive/invasive distinction? How often are non-native species invasive? Cause problems?

5.      Identify one non-native species that has been problematic (mtn pine beetle) and one that has possibly been beneficial (Tamarisk).

6.      What are some of the objections raised to the typical environmental policy of vigorously identifying and eradicating non-natives species?

7.      Is opposition to non-natives xenophobic (illustration of distrust/dislike of the foreign)?

8.      Should we judge species based on their origin?