Study Questions on Oral Presentations Articles on Animals


1.         Describe some of the steps that some in the meat-food industry (and some states) are taking to improve conditions for animals raised for food. What are some states and members of congress doing that will halt the improvement of those conditions?

2.         Explain the reasoning Jay Bost (in “Give Thanks for Meat”) gives that he thinks justifies (some) meat eating. Do you agree with his argument?

3.         Related to above article, is it arbitrary to divide the world into two camps: those things we can kill to eat and those things we should not kill to eat?

4.         What was the debate over oxen ag Green Mountain college about? What happened with the oxen; what do you think should have happened?

5.         Discuss the debate over whether or not environmentalists may/should eat meat. What are the environmental reasons for not eating meat? How are these different from the animal welfare reasons not to eat meat?

6.         What is the LD50 test? Describe the possibility and progress in finding alternatives to animal testing in the U.S., and compare it to what is happening in Europe.

7.         Explain Peta’s argument against the institution of pet ownership. Do you agree with their arguments? Why or why not? On their view, is it permissible for people to own pets today? Explain

8.          Describe how good zoos differ from bad zoos. Be specific. What is the strongest argument for the existence of zoos? What is the strongest criticism of zoos? Should elephants be kept in zoos?