Notes on Env. Ethics midterm exam scores

• Numbers correlate to grades on College’s grading scale (see below)

• Overall exam score is on the upper right hand corner of 1st page near your name

• Score at the top of each page (multiple choice, short answer, and essay) should be added and divided by three to get overall exam score

• On first page, score for multiple choice calculated thus: -0=4, -1=3.5, -2=3.0, -3=2.5, -4=2, -5=1.5, -6=1, -7=.5

• On second page: Score at top is the average of scores on 4 questions on that page

• For multiple choice, circled answer is correct

• See sample answers on handout for good answers to short answer and essay questions

• Exam is worth 24% of overall course grade

• Exam average was 2.42, with high grade being a 3.83

College’s grading scale

A 4.0

A- 3.7

B+ 3.3

B 3.0

B- 2.7

C+ 2.3

C 2.0

C- 1.7

D+ 1.3

D 1.0

D- 0.7

F 0.0