Final Exam Study Questions
Aesthetics, Spring 2006

*I have occasionally put an asterisk next to a question when I was thinking it was particularly important or likely to find its way onto the exam. (But no promises.)

I construct these questions by going through the notes and making questions based on them. One way to answer these questions would be to go through the questions and notes sequentially and focus on those parts of the notes which I have turned into questions.

Stecker, Ch 5: What is Art?

Stecker, Ch 6, What Kind of Object is a Work of Art?

Stecker, Ch 7: Interpretation and Problem of Relevant Intention

Stecker, Ch 10 Artistic Value

Stecker, Ch 11: Interaction; Ethical, Aesthetic, and Artistic Value

Kendall Walton, Morals in Fiction and Fictional Morality

Alex Neill, Fiction and the Emotions

Serra's Tilted Arc, Lin's Vietnam Veteran's Memorial, and the Horowitz and Kelly articles

Allen Carlson, Is Environmental Art and Aesthetic Affront to Nature?