Date: June 7th, 2010
From: Mark Sloan, Director of Halsey Gallery, College of Charleston

To: College of Charleston

Next fall, the College will be privileged to host three important artists whose work is both provocative and engaging. Each of these artists create artwork that pertains to sustainability and the environment.

Also in town:

These concurrent exhibitions, which open mid October here on campus will take place as part of a larger, city wide project — Bluesphere: Earth Art Expo — that involves several other partners in the Charleston area including the City of Charleston, the Art Institute of Charleston, the Charleston County School District,  and Eye Level Art Gallery. With our committed and interested partners, Bluesphere will host a multi-venue series of lectures, films, and art exhibitions.  

I mention this because these works, both individually and collectively, present important opportunities to further the discussion regarding sustainability, environmental stewardship and social justice. Planning is under way to educate every sector of our city’s population through school outreach, public lectures, and a film screening. Should you want to incorporate these exhibits into your course curricula in some way, we encourage that and would welcome your students at all Bluesphere events. Please be advised that the Halsey is not sufficiently staffed to assist with any programming you might have in mind, but we would be happy to provide information about the artists and their work, open the gallery to your classes outside of normal gallery hours, as well as provide additional details regarding Bluesphere, including any ancillary activities and programs.