Friday, 10/17 at 4PM, 14 Glebe, Philosophy Lounge, Margaret Moore, Visiting Assistant Professor at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Moore is the co-author of the much celebrated recent article "Mere Exposure to Bad Art" and will be talking about her paper, "Who Cares How You Listen?" on the distinction between music and sound art. Moore is does philosophy of music and philosophy of art, is an accomplished flute player and violin player.

Professor Margaret Moore (U of Tennessee, Knoxville) will lead our discussion on the distinction between sound art and music on Friday at 4PM in 14 Glebe St. Here's what she has in mind:

"I've attached some background reading that presents some of the views I'm working with (Andrew Kania and Jennifer Judkins). I've put together some provocative quotes from John Luther Adams that might challenge Kania's definition. If anyone wants to read more of what Adams has to say, here's a link: Not all of what he says about his own music is entirely coherent, I think, but it does indicate that some of his pieces might be counterexamples to Kania's definition. There are some links to examples of his works on his website. 

Another example that people may want to consider is the work of recent Turner Prize winner Susan Phillipz and
Phillipz seems to consider herself, and to be considered by the British art world, an installation artist and not a musician. It isn't clear to me whether these works are music or not. If not, they may also be difficult cases for Kania."

So read the Kania first and then the Judkins if you have time (23 pages total—not bad). We'll do a bit of listening on Friday, too.