Our FINAL AWG meeting of the term will be led by Will Raines (CofC Philosophy major) on Friday, 12/4 at 4:15PM. (Stop by the Art Matters exhibition in the Lightsey center beforehand at 3PM!) Will will be discussing some findings on the moral impact of fairy tales and the prospects of future research. Will notes that fairy tales have long been considered moral teaching tools, yet little investigation has been conducted to find what effects they might have on young developing minds. He has asked that we read the attached article, ‘The Impact of Hearing Fairy Tales on Children’s Immediate Behavior,' as an example but also to highlight the types of problems that arise in such studies. For example, what exactly qualifies as a fairy tale? Is the ability to “sit still” really an effective means of judging fairy tales’ effects on Children? Given the lack of quality in past studies, Will hopes to conduct surveys next semester that will examine any correlation between fairy tale exposure as a child and various political and moral ideologies.

Looking forward to a good discussion!

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