Hi, all. Abby Tennenbaum will lead a discussion of the attached article (available here) at this week's AWG meeting. It will be on FRIDAY at 3:15 in 14 Glebe. The topic will be ecomusicology and protest music in Appalachia. There's some good listening linked below my signature, and I'm looking forward to an interesting discussion!

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From: Abigail Tennenbaum <tennenbaumac@g.cofc.edu>
To: "Neufeld, Jonathan A" <neufeldja@cofc.edu>
Subject: Ecomusicology AWG - article and links

Attached is the article that everyone should read before we meet on Friday. It is not my article, obviously, just one that I find a fascinating introduction to the field of ecomusicology be introducing music as a means of political protest against mountaintop coal removal in Appalachia.

Below are some related links that we may or may not get to:

Blair Pathways: an interactive CD and website that uses music to tell the history of the West Virginia Mine Wars of the early 20th century. The person who put this together is either a student of or has worked with (on this project) Travis Stimeling (the author of the attached article) - I can't recall exactly.
Link: https://www.blairpathways.com/about/

Music of Coal: Resistance songs related to mining - working conditions, environmental impacts, etc.
Link: https://www.musicofcoal.com/music.htm

Willie Nelson's "America the Beautiful" produced for the organization Music Saves Mountains. This was one of the first examples of music being used for political advocacy that I came across, so it's stuck with me: