My name is Carmen Ketron, I am a graduate assistant with the College of Charleston's Student Garden at Dixie Plantation. The Student Garden is a 3/4 acre college garden at Dixie Plantation that seeks to educate the College of Charleston community about food systems, their relationship to the environment and the people who depend on them. I am emailing to request an audience with you and your classes to speak for 7 minutes about the opportunities this spring at the Student Garden.

The Student Garden works to:
- Provide space for the college community to learn firsthand about agriculture, gardening, food systems, business development and holistic land management by engaging directly with a functioning market garden.
- Offer educational workshops throughout the semester on a range of subjects.
- Host the newly minted Farm and Garden Club, providing opportunities to learn about everything from marketing strategies to the latest in sustainable agricultural techniques. 
- Provide dedicated research space for students to hone their skills in project management and field research.

Carmen Ketron

Graduate Assistant
The Student Garden at Dixie Plantation