Procedure for group discussions and report back to class


1.      Group gathers together and determines:

         a.      Summary: Main features of article to explain to class; what are the most important issues the reading raises?

         b.      Evaluation: What the group thinks about these issues. Note, there are likely to be diverging opinions and the group should report those differing opinions

         c.      Leader(s): Which group member (or members) will report back to the class

                  i.      Note other members of the group are encouraged to add comments, especially when there are differences of opinion

2.      Timing:

         a.      Group discussions 15 minutes (gather in a corner)

         b.      Group presentations to whole class 3-4 minutes each (maximum)

         c.      Class questions and responses to group presentations/issues 6-7 minutes each


Note it is expect that all students read all the articles for that day. The article you sign up for is one you should be ready to speak to other members of your group about.