How to improve your grade in Intro to Philosophy:


1.      Do the readings carefully before class (and therefore be successful on the in-class quizzes)

2.      After class, review the online notes and make sure you can answer the study questions at the end of the online notes

3.      Email me ( with questions that you can’t answer or raise them at the beginning of next class

4.      If necessary, re-read the material after class

5.      Do not miss class

6.      Attend some of the free quiz opportunities

7.      Attendance and quizzes count for 20% of your grade (almost as much as the midterm)

8.      Start early (now!) and work hard on your paper proposal. This will allow me to really help you write a good paper when I review your proposal.

         a.      Make sure you find a philosophy paper that both relates to your paper topic and is one you can understand

9.      Give yourself enough time to write and re-write your philosophy paper

10.    Study carefully for the final exam. You now have a good sense for what it will be like (it will mirror the midterm). It is not comprehensive, but rather will only include material from after the midterm exam.

11.    Let me know how I can help