The Aesthetics Work Group will meet this Friday 2/12 at 3:30 and will be led by Drew Wyckoff (Philosophy and Biology major, CofC). Musical works are weird objects. Answering what, exactly, they are makes a big difference to, say, what is copyrighted when we copyright a work, what is appropriated when we appropriate a style in a work, what we’re responsible as performers to play if we play a work, etc. In fact, there are so many ways of thinking about works and how they matter, that it is tempting to throw up one’s hands and say, “There is no one thing that a musical work is” or, more radically, “There are no things that are musical works.” Philosopher Ross Cameron makes this claim, and Drew will discuss whether it is a promising avenue to take. Drew argues that the ‘menu’ of options that Cameron’s position provides us falls short in an illustrative way. Cameron’s article is attached, and Drew will present the “menu” and his objections on Friday. Looking forward to a good discussion.