Affluenza Video by John De Graaf
(and material from P. Wenz, "Personal Choices, Consumerism and Human Nature," Env. Ethics Today)

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Robert Franks, Winner Take All Society

Mark Sagoff, "Do we consume too much?" Atlantic Monthly and reply by Paul Ehrlich et al.n I have the Sagoff in Westra/Werhand, The business of consumption. He argues that it is a fallacy to think we are running out of resources-lots of stats and facts supporting, but too much not much analysis; same old economics doesn't address env. issue here, but moral reasons support claim consume too much.

Ehrilich's reply is at (and I have) http

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David Shy (Furman president) The Simple Life

Juliet Schor, The Simple Life

Our money our life

Your money or your life

Duane Elgin, Voluntary Simplicity

Marketing madness

Richard Swenson, Margin

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Theodore Roosevelt advocate of simple living