Ned Hettinger's Links Page

College of Charleston Environmental Studies Minor
Online Bibliography of Environmental Thought
Top 100 Classical
Elk saves Marmot
College of Charleston Masters in Environmental Studies
Environmental Ethics Searchable Bibliography (old)
Saving Ugly Animals
On the importance of knowing the names of the creatures around us
College of Charleston Alliance for Planet Earth
International Society for Environmental Ethics
George Monbiot on Materialism (A system that eats us from the inside out)
CofC Green (Facebook)
Adrian Raine, Anatomy of Violence (video of talk)
Anti-Environmental Web Site
(be very skeptical about what you read there)
Beauty of Wild Nature (National Geographic)
Industry Ignored its own Scientists on Climate
Maya Lin's What is Missing?
Wendell Berry quotes
NPR on David Finkel's book "Thank you for your service"
Trailer for Lone Survivor
Biking to Harbor Walk