Some possible paper topics (you are definitely not limited to these)

Are pollution sunsets beautiful?

Are racist/sexist jokes funny?

Is Triumph of the Will great art? Is it evil? Beautiful?

Can beauty and evil go together; is it good to conjoin them? Should art do this?

Ethicism vs immoralism

A defense (or critique) of immoralism

A defense (or critique) of ethicism

A defense (or critique) of aestheticism

(A general paper on) relation of ethics and aesthetics

Should emotions/feelings/attitudes aimed at fiction and make believe be similar to or different than emotions directed at analogous real life events?
Is it wrong to enjoy evil things represented in fiction?

Take any of the articles we’ve read and criticize or support its main (or some of its main) contentions (e.g., Gaut on the ethics and aesthetics of jokes)

The merited response argument: What it is and whether it is successful

What should and should not be included in the value of art as art (and why?). For example, is cognitive value part of artistic value?

How to understand “the moral character of a work of art.” (See last section Kieran)