Paper, proposal, literature review on topic in ethics and aesthetics (20%), 7-9 pages

  Proposal and literature review due Friday, Sept 9th; paper due Friday, Sept 30th

Ethics, aesthetics and animals students,

Please email me this Friday Sept 9th a short paragraph telling me what you think you might like to write your paper on in the area of ethics and aesthetics and their interaction (or lack there of). Please include a title, a description of what you think you will examine, and at least one philosophy article that we have not read for class that you will use in your paper. Please give the full reference for this article and a brief description (or abstract) of what it is about. If you can link it to your email that would be great. If something we have read in class so far pertains to your topic (and I expect it will), please explain what that is (briefly identify which arguments of which thinkers are relevant to your paper).

I will try to get comments back to you by Monday the 12th.


I would like a fuller (one-two page) description of your paper by Friday/Saturday the 16-17th. This should include:

--The thesis or main claim (claims) of the paper

--Identifying who or what position you will be arguing for or against

--An outline of the arguments you will use to defend your claim(s)

--Questions or issues you are unsure about that pertain to your paper, and specific requests of help or guidance

--A title that reflects what you think will be in the paper

--A careful review of the outside article (or articles) you will be using and how it fits with your paper topic. Make sure you include a full bibliographic reference of this/these articles (attaching a copy or link would be the best).

I will grade each of these intermediate stages of the paper writing process, so please take them seriously.