Paper Assignment, Environmental Philosophy (Fall 05)
(and ideas to stimulate your choice of a paper topic)

This is a 6-8 page (double-spaced, typewritten) paper on some topic of your choice in the area of environmental philosophy. Typically, these papers should use as their point of departure some issue raised (or to be raised) in the class readings. Insofar as they touch on an issue raised in the class material, the paper should include a discussion and response to that material. Other topics are acceptable as long as they stay firmly within the field of environmental philosophy. See the examples below and talk to me if you have questions. Some outside reading of philosophical articles is required for the paper (see the journals in the library, including Environmental Ethics, Environmental Values, Ethics & the Environment, and Between the Species; for env. aesthetics see Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism, and British Journal of Aesthetics. Consult the Philosopher's Index (in Library), the ISEE Environmental Ethics Bibliography, the instructor's aesthetics and environment bibliography, and the website of the American Society for Aesthetics). Paper is due on Friday, Dec 2nd and counts for 30% of the course grade.

A written paper proposal is due on Friday, Oct 21. It should include a title, proposed topic, brief discussion of issues to be addressed. It should also identify (with full bibliographic information) one philosophical article that you will use in your paper, summarize the main points of that article, and explain how you will use that article in your paper.

Each student will give a 3-5 minute oral presentations to the class about her or his paper This will be followed by a 5 minute discussion about the paper by the class. A one page synopsis of the paper will be turned in at the beginning of class before the presentation. Please make enough copies to give one to each person in the class (you will need 20). The presentation should identify the topic of the paper and give a synopsis of its content. It should identify the major arguments, reasons, and perspectives on various sides of the issue that you will be considering. It should identify a possible conclusion of the paper. Issues or questions with which you would like help should also be identified. You need to do enough work on your paper before this presentation so that spending class time discussing it will be beneficial to the class, as well as to you. Paper presentations count 5% of course grade.

Possible ideas to explore:

Topics related to Brady

Topics related to Rolston