Philosophy 280: Aesthetics, Schedule of Assignments, Hettinger, Spring, 2013


1.      Jan 9: Introduction

Origins of Art

2.      Jan 14: Stephen Davies, The Philosophy of Art (hereafter “Davies”), Ch. 1: Evolution and Culture, pp. 1-25

What is Art?

3.      Jan 16: Elizabeth Telfer, “Food as Art,” Arguing About Art (hereafter “Arguing”), pp. 11-29, on class webpage

MLK Holiday

4.      Jan 23: Davies, Ch. 2: Defining Art, pp. 26-51

5.      Jan 28: “Is it Art or Just a Toilet Seat?” on class webpage

Public Art and Censorship

6.      Jan 30: Two readings:

         a.      Various contributors, “Transcript of a Hearing to Decide the Future of Tilted Arc,” Arguing, pp. 399-405

         b.      Gregg Horowitz, “Public Art /Public Spaces: Spectacle of the Tilted Arc Controversy,” Arguing, 416-426

         (See also Dave Barry, “Does Public Art Make Sense?” (humor) on class webpage)

7.      Feb 4: Michael Kelly, “Public Art controversy: The Serra and Lin cases,” Arguing, pp. 427-439

         a.      Possible video in class: Maya Lin: A Strong Clear Vision

8.      Feb 6: Peter Levine, “Lessons from the Brooklyn Museum Controversy” on class webpage

         a.      Also, “Quebec Special Effects Artist Not guilty of Corrupting Morals” on class webpage

What is Aesthetic Appreciation?

9.      Feb 11: Davies, Ch. 3: Aesthetics and the Philosophy of Art, pp. 52-80

10.    Feb 13: Same as above

Rock versus Classical Music

11.    Feb 18: Roger Scruton, “The Decline of Musical Culture,” Arguing, pp. 121-136

12.    Feb 20: Bruce Baugh, “Prolegomena to Any Aesthetics of Rock Music” on class webpage

13.    Feb 25: Stephen Davies, “Rock versus Classical Music” on class webpage

14.    **Feb 27: MIDTERM EXAM**

Spring Break

The Ontology of Artworks

15.    Mar 11: Davies, Ch. 4: Varieties of Art, pp. 81-108

16.    Mar 13: Same as above

Meaning, Intention, and Interpretation

17.    Mar 18: Oct 6: Davies, Ch 5: Interpretation, pp. 109-134

Emotion and Art

18.    Mar 20: Alex Neill, “Fiction and the Emotions,” Arguing, pp. 272-288

**Paper proposal due: Friday, March 22, by email to

19.    Mar 25: Berys Gaut, “The Paradox of Horror,” Arguing, pp. 317-329

20.    Mar 27: Davies, Ch 6: Expression and Emotional Responses, pp. 135-166

21.    Apr 1: Same as above

Representation and Art

22.    Apr 3: Davies, Ch. 7: Pictorial Representation and the Visual Arts, pp. 167-195

Environmental Art

23.    Apr 8: Glen Parsons, “Art in Nature,” on class webpage

         a.      Video: Andy Goldsworthy, “Rivers and Tides”

Value and Art

24.    Apr 10: Kendall Walton, “Morals in Fiction and Fictional Morality” on class webpage

**Paper due: Thursday, April 11, 2pm, 14 Glebe Mailbox**

25.    Apr 15: Davies, Ch 8: The Value of Art, pp. 199-231

         a.      Video: Riefenstahl’s Triumph of the Will

26.    Apr 17: Same as above, plus two readings:

         a.      Goldfish Blending Art? on class web page

         b.      “‘Artist Leaves Dog To Die on Exhibition Display” on class webpage

Aesthetics of Nature

27.    Apr 22: Allen Carlson, “Aesthetic Appreciation of the Natural Environment,” Arguing, pp. 157-171

28.    Apr 24: Noel Carroll, “On Being Moved by Nature: Between Religion and Natural History,” Arguing, pp. 172-191

**Final exam: Mon, Apr 29, 12-3, in classroom**